This. Is. RUST.

Our Features

Rust Headset

Admin support

Admins are always available by discord for any issues or help you may need.

Rust Badge

Custom plugins

We use premium plugins for a balanced, fun experience far beyond vanilla RUST.

Rust AK


Our players are friendly and can help newcomers experience the game in a much more productive environment.

Razer Headset

Clean gaming

We care about our community, We make sure the chat stays as clean as possible.

Timed Explosive


Our servers are modded and fine tuned in a way to make them as fun as possible for the best Player Experience.

Rust Generator


We run our servers on official RUST generators for smoothest gameplay &best fps possible.

Current Server list

Player vs Environment

Player vs environment

For the casual gamer who doesn't want to be killed on sight, PVE is your domain. Lots of events, loot and enemies to have a good time on custom maps.

Player vs Player

Player vs player

For a bit more challenge without the toxic community, PVP is where you should be. The challenge is still there, but without the pile of nakeds on the beach.

Cataclysm PvE

Backpacks • Jetpacks
Enemy Health Bar • Hit Marker
BotReSpawn • Raidable Bases
Kits • Skill Tree • Skins

Custom Map Voted Monthly
Bi-Weekly Wipes
Hosted US East

Cataclysm Vanilla+

Skill Tree & Events only
Convoy • Armored Train • Harbor Event
Bradleys • Dangerous Treasures
Sputnik • Space • Water Patrol
Airfield Event • SatDish Event

Monthly Wipes
Hosted US East

Cataclysm Vanilla

Half Craft/Recycle
5 Min locked crates

Procgen map around 3500 in size
Monthly Wipes
Hosted US East
Server information in greater detail in discord

About Us

We're players, just like you.

We want performance, fairness, balance and fun.

So we created Cataclysm Rust, a great balance of plugins and mods that add to the vanilla RUST experience. Admins available for immediate support.

Join one of our servers today for a much better, friendlier experience.

Amazing World Maps with Monthly voting for new ones

Dragon World

An Amazing fantasy style map with large remains of dragons and their roosts. Lots of places to build in.

Eden Falls

A variety map with a hidden crashed flying saucer, half sunken into the freezing waters.

Oregon: Land of the Dead

A dark map with lots of sciece labs and special items to help along your journey.